The Clashing Rocks

The Clashing Rocks

This series of Sculpturescapes is an interpretation of the epic myth of Jason, Ιáσων and his journey through the Symplegades – the Clashing Rocks, on his way to find the Golden Fleece in the land of Colchis. Taking inspiration from Jason’s perspective on board his ship the Argo, Gigi uses a single aperture, as used in telescopes and creates three-dimensional sculptures from within a light chamber. The essential elements of this episode are the journey, the world beyond the horizon and the world below.


Guardians of the Bosphorus
Guardians of the Bosphorus – Sculpturescape 2012 (40x30cm)


The ship ‘Argo’ was built with the help of the Goddess of crafts, Athena and Jason filled the ship with the leading heroes of his time including Heracles. They had to pass through The Clashing Rocks which until then had never been achieved.  The rocks would crush anything or anyone in their path.  An old man called Phineus gave Jason the advice to set loose a white dove to fly between the rocks and then if the dove succeeded, they should row with all their might and sail through.



Sculpturescape - Where sea and sky meet
Where sea and sky meet – Sculpturescape 2012 (40x30cm)


The lines are the ineluctable lines of force which simultaneously drive and lead Jason on his journey towards the horizon line and into the unknown.  No-one can ever reach their horizon even though it hangs there like a beacon.  Jason is on the high seas with only his Argonauts to guide him.



Sculpturescape - The world beyond
The world beyond – Sculpturescape 2012 (40x30cm)