Knights Templar

These sculptures take their inspiration from a visit to an abandoned Romanesque church in Apulia in 1970s.  Gigi was shown a long-forgotten initiation chamber of the Knights Templar deep below the crypt.  It had been created by people who had an understanding of the sensory effect that light would have had on the initiates.   They left from a room designed as a pure circle, with a piercing natural light giving only the hint of the shape of the room.  They then had to navigate through a narrow coal-black passage, set with stumbling blocks and recesses in which the knights could conceal themselves and set upon the initiates to prevent them from reaching their goal; a room built as a pure square and again illuminated by a simple shaft of natural light.

This journey has parallels with that of Jason and the Argonauts.  Gigi has used the illusory nature of the Sculpturescape to capture the sense and atmosphere of the journey.