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The Clashing Rocks

The Clashing Rocks

This series of Sculpturescapes is an interpretation of the epic myth of Jason, Ιáσων and his journey through the Symplegades – the Clashing Rocks, on his way to find the Golden Fleece in the land of Colchis. Taking inspiration from Jason’s perspective on board his ship the Argo, Gigi uses a single aperture, as used in telescopes and creates three-dimensional sculptures from within a light chamber. The essential elements of this episode are the journey, the world beyond the horizon and the world below.


Guardians of the Bosphorus
Guardians of the Bosphorus – Sculpturescape 2012 (40x30cm)


The ship ‘Argo’ was built with the help of the Goddess of crafts, Athena and Jason filled the ship with the leading heroes of his time including Heracles. They had to pass through The Clashing Rocks which until then had never been achieved.  The rocks would crush anything or anyone in their path.  An old man called Phineus gave Jason the advice to set loose a white dove to fly between the rocks and then if the dove succeeded, they should row with all their might and sail through.



Sculpturescape - Where sea and sky meet
Where sea and sky meet – Sculpturescape 2012 (40x30cm)


The lines are the ineluctable lines of force which simultaneously drive and lead Jason on his journey towards the horizon line and into the unknown.  No-one can ever reach their horizon even though it hangs there like a beacon.  Jason is on the high seas with only his Argonauts to guide him.



Sculpturescape - The world beyond
The world beyond – Sculpturescape 2012 (40x30cm)

Berlin London – Contemporary Art by Women 2015


In November 2014, I received an invitation to show my sculpture and photographs in the exhibition Berlin-London, Contemporary Art by Women at the German Cultural House on Belgrave Square.

The force behind this exhibition was Marliese Heimann-Ammon, wife of the German Ambassador Peter Heimann, and her aim was to create a visible platform for work made across cultural divides where there could be no dialogue. She wanted to make one very important point; too few women artists are shown and too few women artists’ work is sold either by galleries or by auction houses the world over.

I exhibited six new sculptures of which four were installed inside a white cube; seen through black viewing apertures, one per side. You can read more about The Berlin Wall series here. You can also view the full exhibition catalogue here.




'Horizon' - Sculpturescape 2015
‘Horizon’ – Sculpturescape 2015 (40x30cm)



Exhibition poster for Berlin-London Contemporary Art by Women 2015
Exhibition poster for Berlin-London Contemporary Art by Women 2015

The Deep

These sculpturescapes of The Deep are inspired by the mythical journey across the sea to the land of Colchis by Jason and the Argonauts. The world below, the deep sea, is mysterious and unfathomable. The sculptures combine the waveform with the strange apertures and creatures that inhabit that world.






Lines in Space Wave Curve - Sculpturescape 2015 (40 x 30cm)
Lines in Space Wave Curve – Sculpturescape 2015 (40 x 30cm)


Here the mythical story of Jason on his journey across the sea in search of the Golden Fleece is the inspiration for these Sculpturescapes.  They are about the way light plays on the surfaces of the waves in the mysterious world of the sea at night when shapes and distance conspire and confuse the senses.


Wave form
Waveform – Sculpturescape 2014 (40x30cm)


The cylinder shape, used by excavators to take core samples of the earth, by curators to hold specimens in solution or gel, is used here to suspend the world below the surface of the farm land on which Gigi lives.  The early land map now in tracing paper, describes volume via the ephemeral and the translucent.  These sculptures look at what connects us  – time past to time present. Land connects us and yet it is not immediately apparent.  Themes of transition, shift, movement and displacement are central to Gigi’s connection to land. Solidity and containment on the one hand, elusive impressions and lightness of materials on the other.


Drawing Machine

Drawing Machine - detail

The Drawing Machine was conceived out of an interest in man-made tools – Man’s need to measure, calculate and evaluate the forces of the world in order to understand  it better, as well as the sculptural nature of the instruments created.  The components of the Drawing Machine are tools for measuring weight, time, load, mass, frequency, beat and gauges for wires.




This machine moves only at the hands of the people who touch it.  The unpredictable impact of an individual’s pressure, force and rythmn contributes to the mark-making on the paper below.  The suspended instruments are used out of context and take on a new life when linked to each other.


Drawing Machine detail
Drawing Machine – Detail



This cylinder contains the Belemnites, ancient fossil remains of squid which Gigi finds throughout the exposed soils on the farm.  Found objects are woven in clusters to suggest the haphazard nature in which the squid fell and then trapped in layers of sediment.  Although these creatures could only have lived in the ancient sea, by suspending them in air, this sculpture brings to us an imagined world – were ancient time to have travelled forward to meet us.



Regeneration - tubular steel
Regeneration – 2012 (537x640cm)

This sculpture is of cell forms dividing and regenerating through a continuous set of loops flowing from and towards the ground.  Like a line drawing in space or a form floating in a space or solution. It is made from powder-coated tubular steel.


Regeneration - tubular steel
Regeneration – tubular steel (100x120cms)


Embossed fossil

Gigi is interested in the shapes and forms created by the fossil deposits of Inferior Oolitic soils of Dorset. Once part of an ancient sea, these creatures were laid down as the sea receded millions of years ago. Humans can only see this lost marine world when locked into the land.   Her sculptures and prints are about the passage of Time, relief and patina and marks.  Here, these ancient life forms are floating in air.




This series of white on white embossed relief prints look at the play between light and shadow on forms floating in suspension.  Based on the Regeneration sculpture of tubular steel, the prints take the positive and the negative of the cell form shapes.


Cellform II relief print
Cellform II Relief Print (54x40cm)
Cellform III Relief Print
Cellform III Relief Print (54x40cm)


On other embossed printwork,  the aquatint process is used to give a painterly depth to colour.


Cell Form II - Embossed Aquatint
Life Form I – Embossed Aquatint (30x20cm)



Regeneration – Printwork

Embossed print - Regeneration


Taking its inspiration from the tubular steel sculpture of cells reproducing, this series of prints explores the theme in 2D.



These drawings are preparatory studies for sculpture.  This dog’s coat is very velvety and so charcoal is the perfect medium for quick rendering of the form.

Sculpture study in charcoal
Head on table


The Second Half Exhibition 2014

Second Half Foundation


The Second Half Centre is hosting The Second Half Career Art Exhibition and Sale: an exciting and inspirational story of transformation and rediscovery of seven artists who all discovered the love of their craft over 50.

This talented group of artists are a wonderful example of continued growth that hopefully will provide inspiration for people who are searching for new ways to develop in the second half of their life.

The Second Half Centre, founded by Jill Shaw Ruddock, is a modern day community centre dedicated to improving the lives of all older people. It aims to create community hubs where older people from all socio-economic backgrounds can come to meet new people, pursue new hobbies, continue to learn, exercise and do all the things needed to make the second half of their life as meaningful as the first half.